We firmly believe that innovation, in a world with finite resources, improves all our lives. That is why we harness our pioneering spirit in working with our customers to find solutions that provide sustainable progress and improve safety, security and quality of life for us all.

We want to be the high-tech company of choice for all those who seek to actively shape the future.

With our leading-edge technologies, we want to be the go-to-partner for the most innovative companies in our markets. We want to be the preferred employer for those who like to get involved, make a difference and explore new territory. We want to be known for solutions and services that deliver unmatched value-added and sustainable progress. We want to achieve strong and profitable growth and generate lasting value for all our stakeholders. In pursuing our aims, we are guided by our long experience and keen spirit of discovery and innovation.


Led by experience. Driven by curiosity.


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What we care about.

Customer Orientation


We achieve customer loyalty
by fully understanding
and meeting their needs.



 … Ask what problem really needs to be solved and WHY

… Inspire through our expertise

… Provide or co-create solutions with a clear benefit and deliver what we promise

… Say early on when we cannot meet needs and present our solution

Challenge and Empower


We build, develop and enable
everybody to make decisions
and drive success.



… Empower individuals and teams to make decisions according to their expertise

… Develop people and recognize success

… Encourage diverse views

… Challenge each other with candor and kindness to leave our comfort zones

… Value team success based on shared goals

Trustful Collaboration


We act as one team to
 realize our full potential and
 be better together.



… Meet each other with a positive attitude, striving for win-win solutions

… Support each other  

… Engage in honest and open dialogue, giving constructive feedback

… See mistakes as an opportunity to learn

Code of Conduct

The Comet Group Code of Conduct serves as a standard and guideline for ethically and legally irreproachable behavior. All the employees of the Comet Group worldwide adhere to this Code.

Contributing every day for the next generation.

Our technologies are at the heart of digitalization and we feel it’s our duty to accompany the younger generations in the acquisition of the necessary knowledge to step up in this exciting field of technology.

Our support has different aspects:  As an educational company supporting dozens of apprentices, trainees and young professionals paving their road to success or as supporter of local institutions promoting craze for new technologies and improve access to education.