New world. New skills.

Digitalization has accelerated the adoption of technology in more aspects of our lives than we could have imagined. It has certainly created incredible opportunities, but it has also created a growing responsibility for businesses to prepare the next generations to contribute to the future economy.

Our technologies are at the heart of digitalization and we feel it’s our duty to accompany the younger generations in the acquisition of the necessary knowledge to step up in this exciting field of technology.

Our support has different aspects:  As an educational company supporting dozens of apprentices, trainees and young professionals paving their road to success or as supporter of local institutions promoting craze for new technologies and science.

Comet makes knowledge transmission and training a priority. The experience and expertise of our employees arouses curiosity and enthusiasm for technology in others too, we are convinced.

We all take the role of the torchbearer very seriously.

We think technology can improve education and we are also convinced that a fair access to education improves technology that provides sustainable progress, safety and quality of life for us all.

With our initiative "Make the future, better" we want to improve education also where the progress has been unequal and unfair through different concrete actions. In a world where new technologies are giving some children opportunities that never existed in a previous generation,  others are at risk of perpetual second-class status. Many million of children and adolescents still fail to achieve basic numeracy and literacy. But all children can learn and improve the world if they are given the chance.

Our concrete actions

Best Present for the future

This campaign invited partners, employees or any Comet friend as well as their families to take some time over the holidays to draw their picture of the future using our template.

For each drawing uploaded on the website between December 8, 2020 and January 5, 2021 we donated 5 Swiss Francs to Unicef, to help creating a world where every child learns.

Back-to-school Drive

Comet collaborated with the Family Giving Tree, a charitable organization committed to serving children and individuals most in need throughout California Bay Area.

Comet managed to collect 18 backpacks at estimated cost of $50 each, along with $450 of online donations. These contributions helped many children of underprivileged families for the entire school year.


Thanks to its long standing membership with the Swiss Science Center Technorma, one of the largest science centers in Europe, Comet contributes so people of all ages can explore the fascinating world of technology in both a playful and informative manner.

Our contribution to other initiatives