With our two core technologies of radio frequency and x-ray, we empower our customers in all world markets to accomplish demanding feats of technology.

Our high-tech components and systems are products of choice for steering critical processes in the semiconductor industry, for materials testing and security inspection. They are widely used in the fabrication of high-performance microchips, electronic device fabrication as well as the testing of parts for the automotive, aerospace and security industries. Our smart solutions enable companies to both make their products better, and to manufacture them more efficiently and with a smaller environmental footprint.

Vital underpinnings of our success are our close collaboration with customers, our very high standards of quality, and our passion for continually extending the boundaries of the physically possible in vacuum technology, radio frequency engineering, high-voltage technology, materials science, computed tomography and image processing.

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RF Power

Systems solutions to provide RF technology, consisting of Impedance matching networks (“matchboxes”), vacuum capacitors and RF generators.

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X-Ray Modules

Stationary and portable X-ray modules and components, X-ray tubes and high-voltage generators for the non-destructive examination of materials.

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X-Ray Systems

X-ray and computed tomography inspection systems, software and customized services based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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2 core technologies

With our two core technologies we empower our customers in all world markets to accomplish demanding feats of technology.

Radio Frequency

Support innovation powerful and fast

Comet radio frequency (RF) technology powers the production of the micro chips and touchscreens found everywhere today in sensors, PCs, smartphones and tablets, as well as in large server farms.

The strong growth in volumes of data transfer is driving demand for more and more powerful storage media. The fabrication of these high-performance microchips involves a growing number of process steps and, for every plant, requires ever more precise, highly reliable and stable plasma control modules such as Comet offers. In addition, there is a rising need for integrated, software-based solutions that allow the manufacturing of microchips to be continuously improved and accelerated.

All this is precisely what Comet is addressing with its high-quality matchboxes, vacuum capacitors and RF generators.

X-Ray and CT

Obtain insights for more efficiency and quality

X-ray technology and computed tomography (CT) are important foundations of non-destructive testing in industries such as semi/electronics, automotive, aerospace and security inspection.

In this era of ever smaller and more complex components that are being built additively using less and less material , powerful technologies for the non-destructive examination of product parts continue to gain in importance. As well, manufacturers are placing growing emphasis on high-volume series testing and the continuous improvement of their processes. Only in this way can they safeguard the quality and reliability of products used in safety-sensitive segments such as self-driving cars.

Comet is addressing these trends with innovative and high-quality x-ray sources. Also, as production partner to our customers we are offering x-ray and computed tomography systems, software and services that are increasingly based on data analysis and AI. This way customers are able to accurately and rapidly inspect even the tiniest parts for defects and thus assure quality and efficiency in their production processes.

We actively help shape current trends

Smartphones that control our home heating, driver assistance systems that park the car for us, watches that measure our heart rate, drones that help save lives in hazard zones – our world is more and more interconnected. Vast amounts of data are exchanged and processed every second. Digitalization is omnipresent. Semiconductors and sensors form the basis for this megatrend. Developments such as the rise of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, the cloud, and autonomous driving provide further impetus.

With our deep and broad capabilities in radio frequency and industrial x-ray, we make a growing contribution to a safer and more secure, more efficient and sustainable – and increasingly digital - world of manufacturing, communication and mobility.

Comet technologies for a sustainable future

An increasingly connected world offers not just conveniences but also numerous opportunities for making the economy more sustainable and the future a better one.

In manufacturing, as resources are limited, it is becoming more and more important to utilize them as fully as possible by using less per product and avoiding scrap, while maintaining and improving product safety. The digital transformation holds great promise for this: Through a more networked world, it creates the basis for greater transparency, better control and the more efficient use of resources. In this way, as studies show, digitalization can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by significantly more than it adds to them. Comet’s plasma control and x-ray businesses play an important role in this: They support the efficient and resource-saving production of increasingly powerful, complex and smaller building blocks of the digital and analog world. Moreover, through high-precision inspection technology they create the foundation for the safe use of these elements.