Advantages of working in an international company

June 05, 2024

Working in teams across the globe can sometimes present challenges, but our experience has shown that it also offers numerous advantages. One such advantage is the mobility across locations, where employees travel and work at different company sites. These international assignments extend beyond mere location change; they're about embracing new perspectives, broadening horizons, and fostering personal and professional growth. Nils Achilles, IXS Technical Sales Manager at Comet Hamburg, embarked on an exciting international assignment, immersing himself in the world of Comet Hsinchu, Taiwan. Join us as we dive into Nils’ experience.

How it came about

At the heart of every international assignment lies a specific business demand, driving the need for cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange. For Nils, this opportunity wasn't merely an exciting change of scenery; it was a strategic initiative to deepen his understanding of the Taiwanese semiconductor market, as he plays a crucial role in supporting regional sales projects and engaging in technical negotiations. With the Comet strategy, understanding the markets and the unique challenges faced by customers is paramount.

Nils Achilles

Technical Sales Manager
Hamburg, Germany

What did your assignment look like?

Last year in September, I travelled to Hsinchu, Taiwan, for three months and became part of the local Comet team there.

How did the assignment impact your professional capacity?

I learnt about the semiconductor industry, about its demand and its pace that this industry is operating at. As I don’t come from the semiconductor background, this was very new and interesting to me. It helped me to draw parallels and put into perspective the things that I am experienced in. And it made me more confident in working with Semi customers and in Semi projects in the future.

And how did it impact your personal growth?

I would say that being in a new culture always broadens the mind – which is good for personal growth. Another aspect is, that I made new friendships with great people, which was very nice. And for me it’s important to leave the comfort zone once in a while. It was a very very good chance to break with some habits of daily life here at home. And it helped me to look differently at certain things, be it at work or in my private life. Overall, I would say that it was a great opportunity to slightly readjust the needle of my inner compass.

How did you spend your free time while in Taiwan?

There were many fun activities. But one that really stuck with me was exploring the beautiful nature of Taiwan on my bike, going on long rides. And the other one is spending one week with my girlfriend, travelling across the whole island. I’m really happy and thankful that this is possible here at Comet.

What we stand for

At Comet, we stand for promoting our talents and creating an environment of growth and opportunity. Launched in 2021, the mobility program has the goal that the experience is beneficial for both the employee and the company. We are convinced that this contributes to talent development, more diversity, a better global collaboration and ultimately strengthens how we live our values.

Could this be you?

Let’s explore together.

We are looking for ambitious and passionate people who want to collaborate to make a difference.

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