Semicon Korea: Innovating Beyond Boundaries.

February 06, 2024

In the wake of Semicon Korea's latest edition, where semiconductor industry experts delved into the theme of «Innovating Beyond Boundaries», our team eagerly seized the opportunity to be a part of this dynamic exchange. In the midst of rapid industry growth and countless opportunities, we proudly showcased our latest innovations – the CA20, the high-resolution X-ray system specifically designed for the semiconductor industry, and Synertia®, the integrated RF Power Delivery Platform.

10+ years of collaboration in Korea

For our local team, Semicon Korea 2024 held a unique significance, extending beyond just presenting and exchanging on cutting-edge technologies. It marked a celebration of our decade-long journey in Korea, evolving from a modest hub in 2013 to a robust team of 26 professionals. Originally established to bring RF power solutions for plasma applications to Korea, our local site now includes a dedicated R&D lab and project management team, emphasizing our commitment to enabling the semiconductor industry with RF and X-ray technologies.

Quality control for Advanced Packaging

A highlight on our booth was the Comet Yxlon CA20 – our recently unveiled X-ray system tailor-made for the semiconductor industry. In an era where microchip structures are growing denser and smaller, and yield is imperiled by quality issues, a stable inspection routine is paramount. Equipped with deep learning Dragonfly technology for 3D data analysis,  CA20 helps you keep the pace and stay ahead of the game.

Enhanced plasma processes with Synertia® and Tetra-Con

Turning our focus to front-end processes, our RF technology experts passionately showcased the capability of the Synertia® platform. Seamlessly integrating and real-time communicating components for superior RF system performance, it provides our customers with invaluable insights into plasma processes, utlimately facilitating quicker problem-solving.

Another highlight was Comet PCT’s Tetra-Con, a new series of vacuum capacitors addressing the industry's demand for higher voltage and capacitance in a compact form, particularly for power-intensive etch applications. Developed in our smartLABs across the globe, these products not only innovate beyond boundaries but are crafted to make the future, better, by reducing space and energy requirements.

Our takeaways

As the curtains draw on Semicon Korea 2024, our team reflects on the experience with a sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm. The collaborative spirit witnessed at the event reaffirms our belief in the power of partnerships and cross-disciplinary collaboration. We are inspired by the industry's dedication to pushing boundaries and remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that shape the future of the semiconductor landscape.

Don’t miss us in China

March 20 -22, 2024, Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

The team is looking forward to meeting our partners and exchange on best practices at the front- and backend of semiconductor manufacturing.

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