Semicon China: At the forefront of the Asian semiconductor market

March 25, 2024

Just last week, our team was at Semicon China, where we had the pleasure of meeting our valued partners and discussing various application at the front- and backend processes of semiconductor manufacturing. With CA20, the high-resolution X-ray system for Advanced Packaging inspection, and Synertia®, the integrated RF Power Delivery Platform for the production of the next generation of microchips, we happily showcased our latest innovations.

Over 20 years of presence in China

At Semicon China, our presence was not only marked by the dynamic collaboration between our divisions – Comet PCT, Comet Yxlon, and Comet X-ray –but also by the celebration of our 20-year journey in China. With our combined expertise showcased under one booth, we exemplified the strength of synergy in driving advancements in microelectronic manufacturing. From pioneering solutions for plasma processing to cutting-edge industrial X-ray systems and modules, our technologies empower customers to elevate their manufacturing processes at every stage.

X-ray inspection for Advanced Packaging with CA20

In times where Moore’s law is truer than ever, leading to structures in microchips getting smaller and more complex, new inspection technologies are needed. The X-ray solution, CA20, was developed specifically for the semiconductor industry, allowing for non-destructive testing of Advanced Packaging structures. This new method of quality testing significantly increases yield, making production processes more efficient.

With numerous Chinese and international chip manufacturers present, our team was happy to welcome everyone on our booth and showcase Comet Yxlon’s true revolution for the semiconductor market, along with high-resolution X-ray tubes from Comet X-ray.

Synertia® and Tetra-Con for better plasma processes

Right at the heart of semiconductor manufacturing are the plasma processes, where Comet PCT’s solutions help our customers produce more efficiently all around. For the first time ever, it’s possible to truly see inside plasma processes. Synertia® enables manufacturers to have real-time insights, thanks to seamlessly integrated and communicating components. Problem-solving and therefore product launches are expedited tremendously.

Another innovation in RF technology is the new series of vacuum capacitors Tetra-Con, which addresses the industry’s demand for higher voltage and capacitance in a compact form, particularly for power-intensive etch applications. We are delighted with the interest our products generated across the community and look forward to working even more closely with both existing and new partners.

Final thoughts

As we bid farewell to Semicon China 2024, our team is energized by the multitude of connections and experiences gathered at the event. Motivated by the industry’s relentless pursuit of innovation, we are resolute in our mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions that shape the future trajectory of semiconductor manufacturing.

Don’t miss us in San Francisco

July 9-11, 2024, Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, USA

The team is looking forward to meeting our partners and exchange on best practices at the front- and backend of semiconductor manufacturing.

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