CA20 – Revolutionizing Advanced Packaging Inspection

December 21, 2023

With the launch of the CA20, our X-ray Systems team transformed quality testing in the semiconductor market. Through close collaboration with key players in the industry and joining forces across global development teams, our product portfolio now includes a sound X-ray solution that strengthens our presence in the semiconductor industry.

What's the challenge of Advanced Packaging inspection?

Semiconductors have become an integral part of our networked world. This places great demands on manufacturers, because innovation cycles are becoming shorter, and the complexity of integrated circuits is increasing. To remain competitive, there is a particular focus on reducing investment costs and accelerating ramp-up processes to achieve error-free production of new, high-performance components more quickly. The early identification of critical defects considerably accelerates the development and optimization of new production processes and thus the production start-up of new chip generations.

So, how did we tackle that?

Collaborating with key market players.

To solve this critical challenge for the semiconductor industry, collaboration with key market players was essential for the team to better understand the industry and its needs.  It became clear that leading high-resolution X-ray and CT inspection solutions for the semiconductor & electronics industry required a completely new approach – rethinking software, hardware and the use of artificial intelligence. Our teams knew they needed to push the supposed limits of physics even further and introduce 3D X-ray on a whole new level.

Quick facts to see
Better. Faster. More.
with CA20:

  • Designed for the semiconductor industry
  • Submicron 3D X-ray for Advanced Packging
  • Easy to use with automated inspection workflows and analysis
  • Increased yield as early defect detection allows for quick corrective measures
  • Faster time-to-market by finding critical issues with real-time information

«One meeting can change the course of a portfolio and in our case, this was a discussion with a 3D IC manufacturer showing us the challenge to identify critical defects in complex packages fast and in high-end clarity.»

Isabella Drolz, VP Product Marketing at Comet Yxlon

Redefining the new normal with curious cross-functional teams.

Achieving an unprecedented resolution in the sub-micrometer range and ensuring reliable repeatability of results were the main challenges for our international team consisting of members from Germany, Taiwan, and Canada. Think the impossible and surprise yourself!

Through strong cross-functional collaboration, they developed a system solution with new mechanics and capabilities that provides never-before-seen clarity for sub-micrometer inspection tasks within minutes. To make the system easy to use, all functions were integrated into a software platform that offers simple, intuitive, and harmonious test sequences. Additionally, the team developed automatic analysis processes - powered by Dragonfly's intelligent analysis software - specifically adapted to 3D IC inspection needs, ultimately improving both the product and production process.

«Even our experts were repeatedly amazed by what we had achieved and were proud to impress the trade audience at Semicon Europa 2023 with what is possible. This was only possible through close collaboration with our customers resulting in immediate feedback for our development.»

Kai Morgener, Project Manager at Comet Yxlon

Result: Faster time-to-market with CA20

Our new solution, the CA20 3D X-ray inspection system, is a major breakthrough in advanced packaging for semiconductor production. It enables manufacturers to attain a more dependable production of advanced components at a faster pace. By promptly and more efficiently identifying defects, the CA20 helps manufacturers gain a competitive edge, reducing costs and accelerating ramp-up periods. With the CA20, customers can achieve faster time-to-market and higher yield rates.

We are thrilled to be leading the way in this innovation and helping our customers thrive. 

«This solution is the absolute game changer and indispensable in the semiconductor industry to see Better. Faster. More.»

Isabella Drolz, VP Product Marketing at Comet Yxlon

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