75 years of the spirit of discovery at Comet

December 20, 2023

On February 19, 2023, Comet celebrated its 75th anniversary. Founded in 1948 in Bern, Switzerland, Comet is now a global company with locations on three continents and leading technologies at the pulse of digitalization.

Over our 75-year history, the world has changed dramatically. But through inquisitive research, and with courage and perseverance, Comet has succeeded time and again in reinventing itself, shifting the boundaries of technology and succeeding through innovation. This would not have been possible without our deep conviction that, with innovative technologies, we can make a better future. Reflecting this, the motto for our anniversary year was “75 years exploring for better”. And we also want to take this explorer mentality into the future: curious, open to new things, and courageous.

Being an explorer in the 21st century

Celebrating our 75-year history of exploring new technologies, we also asked ourselves what it actually means to be an explorer in the 21st century. And who could have given us a better answer to that than the world-famous explorer Bertrand Piccard, who also became an ambassador for our anniversary year. (Read the interview in our annual report 2022: Breaking the rules for a better future).

Celebrating with all our employees worldwide

We began our anniversary year in February with the obligatory 75th anniversary cake for all locations worldwide. In keeping with our motto "Exploring for better", we also wanted to encourage our employees' curiosity and spirit of discovery this year. With a quiz in the form of playing cards, our employees could discover the history of Comet or learn more about our technologies. Employees also could discover their own Comet location through a Geocaching Adventure and learn more about the Comet history and our technologies on site.

As a highlight of the anniversary celebrations, there was an anniversary party for the employees at each Comet location. To conclude the anniversary year, the employees from the headquarters in Flamatt celebrated in the city of Bern, where Comet's history began 75 years ago.

Curious about our history?

Read more about it in our 2022 Annual Report.

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