ECO portable X-ray system wins Red Dot Design Award

June 27, 2024

Our ECO Series portable X-ray systems have won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Product Design. This award recognizes not only the stunning design of our newest product range, but also its functionality and innovation. Want to know how we achieved this incredible success? Keep reading to discover how our international and cross-functional collaboration led to this amazing achievement.

In search of good design

The Red Dot Design Award is a globally renowned competition that recognizes exceptional design quality and innovation. In the Product design category, the jury evaluates various aspects beyond aesthetics, making it a comprehensive assessment of design excellence:

  • Function

    What purpose does the product fulfil?
  • Seduction

    Is the product aesthetically convincing?
  • Use

    Is the product self-explanatory and easy to use?
  • Responsibility

    Is the product sustainable or durable?

We are proud that ECO Series has excelled in all these areas, and winning this prestigious award is a testament to the unparalleled quality and excellence of our product range.

«The ECO Series combines advanced technology with user-oriented design, setting new standards in industrial X-ray.»

Statement by the Red Dot jury

The secret ingredients to win


To suit users’ needs, portable X-ray systems need to be as lightweight and ergonomic as possible, while delivering increased X-ray output and withstanding extreme conditions. A challenge engineers from the portable X-ray hub in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the X-ray tube R&D team in Flamatt, Switzerland, took on, reducing the product weight by over nine kilograms in comparison to its predecessor.

Collaboration & Curiosity

By combining the insights from the end-users and the expertise of the engineers combined with the design touch from the marketing team, we were able to create a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the market, seamlessly blending design, functionality and innovation.

A collaborative success story that reflects the power of teamwork and innovative thinking within Comet. By bridging the gap between theory and reality, and envisioning the future of portable X-ray systems, our teams have not only improved a product but have opened doors to entirely new possibilities. This is a testament to the belief that curiosity, coupled with collaboration, can lead to groundbreaking innovations that reshape the future of technology.

«The ECO Series is not only a triumph of ergonomic and technological design but also a step forward in our commitment to sustainability.»

David Heiner Campos, Senior Specialist Global Marketing

The ECO Series

The ECO Series is a new product range of portable X-ray systems. It’s mainly used in the oil & gas and aerospace industry to inspect pipelines, welds, corrosions, or on-site service inspections on airplanes.

It's 9 kilograms lighter than its predecessor and can therefore be used as a one-person tool – creating smarter workflows for our customers.

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