Comet at Semicon West 2024: Join us July 9-11, 2024

June 11, 2024

Discover new possibilities in semiconductor manufacturing and explore exciting career opportunities with us at Semicon West 2024! We will be present in both halls, showcasing our latest solutions for the front- and back-end processes at booth #539. Fitting this year’s motto “Stronger Together”, we are present at and sponsoring the Workforce Development Pavilion to ensure growth and groundbreaking innovations for the industry with young talents and experts – don’t miss our presentation on «Fostering a Dynamic Workforce»!

Discover tailor-made semiconductor manufacturing solutions.

Front-end: Plasma Control Technologies

Let us show you what’s possible with Synertia®, the incredibly fast and powerful synergy between RF Generator and RF Matching Network.

Our expertise spans from individual components (Vacuum Capacitors, Matchboxes, Generators) to fully integrated RF power delivery systems, enabling unprecedented power control to manage the complexities of multi-layer next-generation memory and atomic-scale plasma processes.

Back-end: X-Ray Modules & Systems

To tackle the challenges posed by increasingly smaller and more complex devices, our X-ray sources and systems offer high-resolution / high-magnification X-ray inspection. From single die traditional packages and wafers to advanced packaging devices.

The CA20 inspection solution is designed to deliver superior 2D & 3D images in the highest resolution, micron-sized details and possible defects in record time – helping cut time to market for complex 3D ICs.



South Hall

Booth #539

Meet & experience Comet

Forget about digital meetings: Our HR team meets you directly on-site at Semicon West

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Join us at the Workforce Development Pavilion, booth (#W2) to explore your career opportunities at Comet. As proud sponsor, our team will be on-site to talk with you about how your curiosity can help you and us grow. We are looking for ambitious and passionate students, young professionals, and experts who want to make a difference.

Are you also curious about how you can shape the future? Then, let's team up!


North Hall

Workforce Pavilion #W2

Get inspired by our keynote: "Fostering a Dynamic Workforce"

As the semiconductor industry continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, we face the imperative challenge of closing the talent gap to sustain its competitive edge. Join Isabella Drolz, VP Product Marketing at our X-ray Systems division, as she addresses the multifaceted strategies required to bridge this gap, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a diverse, skilled workforce, fostering educational initiatives, and creating an inclusive environment. 

Tuesday -  July 9  -  12 PM

WFD Pavilion Stage, North Hall

Young talent? Enjoy the show in the best setup

At Comet, we understand that fostering talent is crucial for achieving sustainable growth and groundbreaking innovations in the semiconductor industry. That's why we're proud to sponsor the 20 Under 30 Lounge, providing a platform for current and future talents to network, explore, discover, and learn from each other. We believe that by creating a supportive environment, we can help individuals and the industry as a whole to grow and thrive.         


North Hall (VIP Lounges)

Looking forward to see you in San Francisco | July 9-11, 2024

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