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Full- Year 2022 Results Conference

calendar icon March 02, 2023
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Comet's year-end campaigns really help to make the future better.

Do you remember having colored a drawing yourself or with your family two years ago? Or collecting digital snowflakes at the end of last year? In our year-end campaigns we team up with Unicef to improve education through concrete actions. And this is what you helped us with thanks to participating in our campaign games.
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How intergenerational teamwork enriches the workplace

Working together with other generations seems sometimes challenging, but believe in our experience, the advantages are greater. At Semicon Europa, Marco Fasel, Team Leader Industrialization at Comet, together with 3 other panelists will talk about exactly that – leveraging generational differences in the shifting workplace. Before joining the panel discussion, on November 15th, where participants will demonstrate how inclusive leadership is essential to building a diverse and sustainable workforce, we wanted to get a feel of what it is like to lead such a multi-generational team. Marco, experienced in the field, tells us more.
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Comet recognized for improving today’s world safety

We are proud. At the Innovation Awards on the 9th of November 2022, the Canton of Fribourg honored Comet as the most innovative company. Recognized for its MesoFocus X-ray technology, the Comet X-ray team proved once again that great collaboration and a deep understanding of their customer’s needs leads to outstanding solutions. Discover the team’s story and secret ingredients behind the award.
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