Congratulations, you made it! You contributed to make the future better

The campaign "Best Present for the Future" in which we asked people to color our drawing of the future came to an end on January 5, 2021.

At that date, we collected all your drawings and went through all of them one by one. What we saw was a real surprise...(drum roll )...

Your contribution helped us collect

CHF 5000

for Unicef to help improve access to education

The first thing we have to say is: Thank you! 

What you did is great and we are so happy to see that creativity drives you, as much as it drives us every day.

Let's be honest, we never thought that our humble initiative would find so much echo worldwide. You can't imagine how happy we are to find drawings coming from all the 5 continents. No joke, we got pieces of art coming from Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. That just shows how much a fair access to education is a cherished cause in all cultures.

It's in those unexpected territories, sometimes far from our daily businesses, that we see what really unites us, and it seems that taking action to shape the future is as important for you as it is for us. 

Our joint global and inter-divisionary initiative is one of a kind and this result encourages us to do always more, because we think technology can improve education, but  are also convinced that a fair access to education improves technology. This better technology helps us to co-create with our customers sustainable solutions that enhance the quality of life for the many. 


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Where does the money exactly go?

As announced, the money will be donated to Unicef

We selected their Education programme to help on specific key areas:

  • Access: Gender-equitable access to quality education from early childhood to adolescence, including for children with disabilities, marginalized children and those living in humanitarian and emergency settings.
  • Learning and skills: Quality learning outcomes and skills development that come from strong education systems and innovative solutions.
  • Emergencies and fragile contexts: Improved learning and protection for children in emergencies and on the move.


All in all, we just hope you had fun contributing. From our side we had much fun reviewing each of your uploads and it's now time for us to share this pleasure with you.

You'll find below some of the drawings received. Is yours in the selection?



In any case... congratulations to all of you!

By the way, which one is your favourite? Let us know on our Linkedin page