Over our 75-year history, the world has changed dramatically. But through inquisitive research, and with courage and perseverance, Comet has succeeded time and again in reinventing itself, shifting the boundaries of technology and succeeding through innovation. This would not have been possible without our deep conviction that, with innovative technologies, we can make a better future. Reflecting this, the motto for our anniversary year is “75 years exploring for better”.

75 years of the spirit of discovery at Comet


As the world emerges from its global crisis in the middle of the 1940s, Gerhard Steck becomes aware of bottlenecks in the supply of X-ray tubes for medical applications and founds Comet in 1948.

Own Production

In the early 1950s, under his son’s leadership, the young company acquires an in-house production license from its American partner Machlett Ltd, enabling top-of-the-line products to be manufactured in Switzerland. This leads to the creation of Comet’s first product development laboratory in 1956. 

Into Radio Frequency

The company, in the mid-1960s, dives into the production of vacuum capacitors for short wave radio transmitters. This marks the first step toward the semiconductor market, first in Japan, then in the Silicon Valley, and later in Korea. 

In the footsteps of visionaries

Comet helps make history in the early 1970s by developing special x-ray tubes used in the world’s first computed tomography scanners, a technology invented by Godfrey Hounsfield, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine. 

The sky is no longer the limit

X-ray tubes fly to the moon in the early 1980s with the D1 mission, marking their first use in space.

New possibilities ahead

Comet goes public in the mid-1990s, opening up new possibilities for its evolution. Responding to this fast growth, Comet builds its new headquarters in Flamatt.

Comet goes big

The group accelerates once more at the beginning of the new millennium, making a first step toward the end-user business, through the acquisition of FeinFocus, pioneer of microfocus X-ray inspection systems.  This is followed in 2007 by the purchase and integration of YXLON International, one of the world’s leading x-ray system manufacturers. At a single stroke, Comet doubles its size.

Full power

The acquisition of the German-based Stolberg HF-Technik, creates the basis for Comet to develop complete RF power supply systems. 
The semiconductor market promises opportunities and the company therefore focuses in exclusively developing it's traditional 2 core technologies: Plasma Control and X-ray.

More Global and Digital than ever

Digitalization is advancing. Terms such as big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are finding their way into the lives of more and more people. That’s why in 2020, Comet acquires the Canadian software developer ORS. Software-driven insights in production will help customers become more productive and conserve resources.

To better meet the rapidly growing demand for Comet products in Asia, the company expands its operations in the region.

And you? Where do you think our curiosity will lead us next?